Friday, November 1, 2019

Prepare a SOSE unit of work with rationale Essay

Prepare a SOSE unit of work with rationale - Essay Example In this case, they build up their capacity for participating in the community and provide meaningful rejoinder to environmental and social matters. Through this curriculum, learners get to understand global ideas of Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people with their connectivity to other groups and places. They are able to apply their understanding to their connections to places and people in the world. Students are able to use essential ways of working to create and demonstrate their understanding of knowledge. Inquiry in this process is very important. It offers an opportunity to students to investigate a range issues locally and globally. They converse by use of different kinds of texts for precise purposes and audiences. This makes them participate actively in groups or individually in their villages in making enterprises while responding to issues creatively. Students have the ability to select precise tools and technologies to use which involves ICTs to carry out inquirie s and communicate within environmental and social context (Stage & Quiroz, 2008). There are different methods used in teaching. They are categorized into two groups. Teacher-centred and learner-cantered. Teacher-centred methods take the teacher to be the creator of all learning practices and procedures. An example is the lecture method. On the other hand, learner-centred methods identify the learner as the core creator of the learning process while the instructor or the teacher becomes controller of the learning procedure according to piagates theory of learning (Suai & Homer, 2006). It is the view of this paper that the lessons prepared will guide learners to acquire the desired skills, attitudes and knowledge to exist in the current globe. The methods also provide the chance for the society to learn new ideas from one another. The paper substantiates learner-centred methods through broad examination of environment as a topic in teaching of science. The method applied in this paper is Constructionism. It enables the learners to participate fully in the lessons investigating new ideas while the teacher guides through the process. The paper has singled out environment as a topic to examine different aspects of teaching and learning process. It is an interesting topic in a school setting. This will enable learners to participate fully in their classrooms during the lesson (Siebert, 2005). Some of the skills needed in a science lesson are supposed to help the learner with literally skills for writing reading and communicating orally about science principles and concepts. All these skills are incorporated into the topic â€Å"environment† Reasons for choosing the topic Environment is what surrounds an organism. There are two types of organisms, living and non-living organisms. Learners being one of the organisms in the environment require understanding how to live in it. This is important to help them acquire knowledge and skills to deal with different situ ations in life. Learning about environment is quite interesting and maintains learners’ interest to desire to know more about their surroundings. In this unit, learners undergo different real life experiences. This is important since they can easily relate what they are learning in class to what is happening out of their classrooms. For instance recycling of plastic is carried out by several industries (Siebert, 2005). It is possible for the

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