Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Multispecies Models as an Improvement on Single Species Models for Mea Assignment

Multispecies Models as an Improvement on Single Species Models for Measuring Fishing Impacts on Marine Ecosystem - Assignment Example The study is thorough and provides a deep insight of the multispecies modeling tools along with the single species models and their impacts. In the more recent studies on the topic of multispecies fish modeling and harvesting the factors that can impact the rate of harvesting is usually considered. The purpose is to target and examine the sources. Another study is conducted in the year 2013 in which the authors tried to find the cooperative and non-co operative harvesting in the multispecies fish war models. This paper emphasizes on the role played by support for the sustainable supervision of a broken ecosystem. The authors Daniel Pauly, Villy Christensen and Carl Walton in their study named as the â€Å"Ecopath, Ecoism and Ecospace as tools for Evaluating Ecosystem Impacts of Fisheries† thoroughly studied the key features for the reconceptualized approach. Not only this, they designed two indices based theorem in which they tried to qualify the impacts of an ecosystem on the fisheries. In the research, they used the truth based statistics collected from the users of the Eco Path and extracted from their feedbacks. They further discussed the implementation made up to the date and the limitations of the Eco System. They commented that some of the implementations have been made but the process of up gradation is very slow and it requires quite an effort. In another recent study, the authors studied the statistical and empirical identification of the multispecies fish harvesting Zones. The purpose of the study was to discuss the factors that can help in improving the monitoring and the management of the specific multispecies fish zones. The impacts and the ideas are not only the main theme of the recent researches but  some researchers also conducted the studies on the issues of the multispecies fish modeling and harvesting. Like in a paper the author from India highlighted the problem of harvesting two competing fish species together. For this, he designed a bioeconomic model. Also, the Marine Fisheries Service published their report on the topic of optimal multispecies harvesting in the presences of the nuisance species.  

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