Wednesday, September 11, 2019

History of Climatology of Tornadoes in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Essay

History of Climatology of Tornadoes in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area - Essay Example Drawing evidence from the studies’ statistics, the loss caused by F4 tornado despite having highest magnitude was one death and nil value of property damage. Additionally, most of the tornadoes experienced in St. Louis Metropolitan region usually take place in the afternoon hours where the damage increases as the time of the day shifts towards in the evening (National Weather Service, 2012). For illustration, the highest PRPDAM values reported entailed those occurring from 1600hrs to 2200hrs. Mostly, these encompass 50,000,000 (1815hrs), 5000000 (2035), 2500000 (1645), 30,000,000 (1859hrs) and 25,000,000 (2110hrs) except for few cases occurring towards the noon. Hence, tornadoes experienced in this region have similar characteristic trends. This is because its climatic conditions are the same despite being in the tornado’s alley (Forbes, 2011). In addition, studies show that Illinois’ most places experience numerous tornadoes during the onset days of the month (f rom 1St to around 12Th), which is contrary to Missouri’s regions. Missouri’s tornado occurrences redistribute themselves all through the month (St. Louis County Missouri, 2010). Forbes, Greg. â€Å"Tornadoes in St. Louis, Mo. (1950-2011)†. The Weather Channel, LLC 2012. weather/articles/tornadoes-by-month-saint-louis_2010-03-25. Stoos, James. â€Å"St. Louis Tornado Highlights Aprils Wild Weather; Spring Tornado Facts† Yahoo! Inc. Accessed 8 November 2012.

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