Thursday, September 12, 2019

Critical and strategic understanding of Information Technology in UK's Essay

Critical and strategic understanding of Information Technology in UK's universities and improvement to this given service - Essay Example All these in turn results competitive services offered by the business or organization in comparison to the competitor (Gronroos, 2000). Effective service design requires developing the critical and strategic level understanding of the services required by the customers of the organization (Hollins & Hollins, 1991). Therefore, the aim of this report is to develop the comprehensive understanding of the service requirement of the customers of the universities of UK from its information technology based attendance monitoring system. The paper in specific reference to the literature review in the context of the service design will determine the service requirement from IT based student attendance monitoring system in the universities of UK. The paper has found that service design appears to have significant involvement in the universities’ attendance systems. It is despite fact that service organizations are less involved in integrating service design. Finally, the improvement rec ommendations are made for the university attendance system. LITERATURE REVIEW AND RELEVANCE TO THE IT IN UK UNIVERSITIES The service design, simply stating, is aimed at transforming the service that is provided to the customer more useful. The services that are delivered to the customer result in more effective, efficient, usable as well as desirable by the customer once are provided in accordance to the critically developed design (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry, 1988). Hence, the process and system that uses the strategic level considerations in devising the path through which the product or service are provided to the customer result in winning customer preference (Moritz, 2005). This win-win situation distinguishes the company’s product among large number of homogeneous products and services (DC, 2013). Herrmann, Huber, & Braunstein, (2000) have defined that service design is the domain that enable the organization to explore the potential strategic possibilities within their business model. Service designing uniquely offers the organization to present the new services by redesigning the pattern of the old service (Goldstein et al., 2002). Moritz (2005) and Salter and Tether (2006) state that as the difference between the product and service is quite evident; therefore, the system of designing and implementing service also requires considering different aspects. These features include considering the uniqueness of the customer requirement, expertise from all related and involved field and most important aspect that needs consideration is the on-going and constantly changing nature of services. Therefore, difference service design categories are determined by Moritz (2005) as depicted as follows: (Kytola and Pakkila, 2012) It is important to understand that companies are able to achieve the distinction only on the basis of the good service design. Therefore, good service design shall ensure that process is successful in deliberately designing the e xperience that customer of the company perceives more valuable. Also the factor that distinguishes a good service design from others is the similar level of valuable experience generated for the service

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