Friday, August 9, 2019

Samsun Galaxy Tablet's Design, Operations, and Supply Chain Strategies Research Paper

Samsun Galaxy Tablet's Design, Operations, and Supply Chain Strategies - Research Paper Example Moreover, they are the second largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in the world at present. Many people believe that they may surpass the leader Intel in that segment also in near future itself. It is widely believed that Samsung Electronics is best positioned for the new developments in the smartphone market and will continue to expand its leadership in memory, as well as new components like AMOLED and Mobile AP. The company is more favourably positioned than before in most of its product categories: it is quickly becoming the number one player in handsets (from a distant third place behind Nokia and Motorola in 2005), it's already the dominant number one player in TV (from fourth in 2004) and it's a major player in new components like Mobile AP (part of System LSI) and AMOLED (part of Display Panel), which are relatively new businesses. It has several "stars" including smartphones, tablets, AMOLED and System LSI; a few "cash cows" such as DRAM and featurephones; and one real "do g" in LCD displays (Samsung Electronics: The Jewel of the Samsung Empire — Secrets of Success and Future Growth Engines, p.151) Even though Apple Inc is believed to be the most valuable technology company in the world, the death of Steve Jobs has opened many opportunities for Samsung to defeat Apple not only in mobile phone market but also in the tablet market as well. At present Apple Inc and Samsung are believed to be engaged in fierce battle to dominate the smartphone and tablet market. Even though Apple was successful in introducing world’s first touch screen phone (iPhone), Samsung was able to give a strong reply to iPhone with the help of their Galaxy S2 and S3 series of smart phones. Same way, Apple introduced iPad or tablets much earlier than Samsung; however, Samsung tabs are causing strong challenges to iPads even though they came little bit late in the market. Samsung Electronics Co. is so big and profitable that the measure for telling when the company is d oing better than normal is when it goes on a streak of setting record quarterly profits. It happened in 2010 and it’s happening now. Samsung’s second quarter results broke the record set in the first quarter. Some analysts think the third quarter will be even better, but that net income will drop sequentially in the fourth (Samsung 5 Lessons: The 2nd Record Edition) In short, Samsung is one of the most rapidly growing consumer electronics companies in the world at present. Samsung tablets are capturing wide public attention because of its superior performances and cheaper prices compared to the products of its competitors. The future of tablets is bright since it is a blend of mobile phones and laptops. It should be noted that mobile phones are handy; however, its capabilities are limited compared to a laptop. Same way, laptops are convenient for computing purposes; however, they are bulky and heavy weighted. On the other hand, tablets can be used as a computer as well as a smartphone. Moreover, it is handy and light weighted. In short, the future of tablets seems to be extremely bright and hence it is important to learn more about this produc

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