Saturday, August 10, 2019

Learning Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Learning Review - Essay Example reflection started from the skills and knowledge I possessed at the time of joining the module so that I get a better chance of understanding what further I gained from the course. Admittedly, I had a number of skills and knowledge that would enormously help me in my study. First of all, as I have work experience in managerial roles, I have the chances of applying comparative and ideal methods to identify how my perceptions and practice differ from what is required. Another advantage is the supporting educational background I possess. As I have relevant educational background, further learning becomes easy. The last point is the availability of people around me who would be able to help me with my learning difficulties. As Cottrell (2008:5) points out, I spent some time looking into my own learning style before I began this degree course. From there, I gained the insight that the learning style I had adopted previously was rather ineffective. Admittedly, I was a visual/kinaesthetic learner (Cottrell 2008:5) and my learning style can be accurately termed ‘dreamer’ (Cottrell 2008:59). Admittedly, visual learners prefer to learn things through seeing them. For such learners, information absorption becomes easier when there is effective utilisation of pictures, graphs and maps. As I looked into my own learning nature, I found that adopting maps, outlines and diagrams would help me overcome the learning difficulties I face. In addition, I found that by being able to watch the lecture closely or by ensuring eye contact with the speaker, I could improve my learning abilities. In order to utilise the finding in my learning process, I started note taking during class. The notes were not simple writings, but were charts and diagrams when possible, and I tried to keep them colorful and visually attractive. In addition, I started using a pencil to take notes while in class, and the use of pencil allowed me to make corrections when necessary. Admittedly, this process

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