Thursday, August 29, 2019

Psychology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Psychology - Assignment Example Psychology is the Science that create an understanding towards a logical thinking ability keeping humane in concise. It is a science which is not new but with us right from the human civilization. It is the way where an understanding is built up about the behaviour of a person, and methods could be devised to enhance what is lacking in the personality and how well an individual be groomed to have a sound and congenial influence on the society or social ambience of the individual. Besides the fact that lot of research has been carried out we are still at the tip of the iceberg to further dwell towards the understanding of psychology. So far an immense collection of theories that have been postulated over the years have been made and studied along with varies protocols and experiments that have been performed to resolve behaviour issues. Theories postulated are for different kinds of behaviour and not the same for all kinds of behavioural issue. Based on psychological theories humans are classified into various patterns and syndromes. Psychology helps these individuals to recover various therapeutic problems. Thus psychology encompass a study of behaviour including the activities and reactions; and the internal progression of views and judgments. The term "psyche" means soul and "logos" means a study. Thus psychology is not confined to any core study but it encompass a complete understanding of the nature as well as the way it was nurtured under a given set of conditions. Psychology sets its goal for its study as: Description of the issue or the subject, explanation, prediction of the possibilities and modifications that are possible. 1. Description- It describes the performance, that an individual displays and based on this analysis a psychologists try to comprehend if this attitude or behaviour is under normal or acceptable limits. For this, a psychologists analyzes, opinion and views, emotions, beliefs, mind-set, outlook and approaches,

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