Wednesday, August 28, 2019

People (HR) Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

People (HR) Performance - Essay Example Main Issues Related to HR The era of Frank Wood had been outstanding as all the operations of the business were under control. He made certain developments in his era such as identification of the various niche markets that helped the company to expand its operation in other parts of the UK. However, after his retirement, the company was handed over to his sons named Harry Wood and John Wood. At the initial stage, the company traded successfully under their leadership. However, their intention was just to take the profits out of the business, with little attention towards the infrastructure. It is evident from the case study that the performance of the two brothers had not been up to the mark as they didn’t have much interest towards the business. One of the most important tasks for a business man is to take into account the competition. It was just because of their poor performance that the company faced liquidity crisis. Now after Harry Wood left the business and Carol Clayt on bought 50% interest of the business, the partnership of the two companies seems to have not worked well. Thus, they had to sell off the business to Josiah Saint. Saint made an overall assessment upon the performance of the organisation and found out that the overall performance of the employees in the organisation had been quite poor. It was because of the carelessness of the employees that all the three factories namely the Buckhorn Western, Kilsby and Catesby factory faced the problem of high stock of raw materials and high wastages. The promotion manager’s performance, on the other hand, has not been satisfactory as well. It becomes evident from the case study that the employees of the organisation were not well aware of their roles and responsibilities. The staffs working at Imberholme didn’t take into account the suppliers’ working conditions as long as they got the products they wanted. This makes it evident that the attitude of the staffs at Imberholme did not match with the requirements of the organisation. Moreover, data showed that there was poor credit control. Thus, it can be said that the finance manager could not manage the trade well. The performance of the administrative department has not been up to the mark. It is also evident from the case study that the strict regulations and policies of the organisation had prevented the personnel of the organisation from performing well, which seem to have a negative impact upon the industry. It can be said that Mr. Saint had tried to address the main issues that had a major impact upon the organisation and the factors that were leading to the poor performances of the employees. The people in the organisation were also inefficiently managed. Solutions to the Problems The preservation, attraction and development of the high calibre people in the organisation can be the source of competitive advantage for any business. However, it becomes imperative for the companies to appraise the performance of their employees on a continuous basis because their performance may have positive as well as negative impact upon the growth of the organisation. Performance management is one of the key methods, which if effectively carried out may help the employees to understand that their contribution is being recognised. The performance managem

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