Monday, August 12, 2019

How systems and processes deployed within the organization are aligned Assignment

How systems and processes deployed within the organization are aligned with organizations objectives - Assignment Example This research aims to evaluate and present the analysis that is provided in the context of theories and practices in operations management at the workplace. Finally suggestions are provided on how the process can be managed better in order to attain organizational objectives. The key to the company’s business operation is the fact that it keeps changing itself with the ever changing world that it exists in. The company undertakes successful business process re-engineering which is objected to provide solutions to the three main factors in business, namely, customer, change and competition. BPR accounts for one of the main operations strategy of Walmart for achieving radical improvement in contemporary and critical measures of performances such quality, costs, services and speed. The strategy focuses on re-examining its basic roots and aiming to undertake complete reinvention. BPR activities have been particularly employed in Walmart for attaining scale of operations and reduci ng costs so as to attain a competitive edge in the market. Following is a typical BPR process undertaken in Walmart involving cross functional cooperation and changes, identifying expectations of customers and also identifying where the process is falling short of meeting those expectations. The supply chain operator in Walmart seeks to enhance efficiency to such a level such as to attain low price leadership among other retailers in the market. (Haag, Cummings & McCubbrey, 2004, p.101). Because of this high efficiency the company has been able to attain low margins as compared to other retailers. As commented by Pete Abell, the research director at AMR Research Inc. at Boston, cost of goods of Walmart is at least low by 5% to 10% from that of its competitors. The retail giant was effective in becoming the best supply chain operator of all times in terms of undertaking two fundamental strategies. Firstly, it has leveraged its scale in numerous ways for the creation of operational ef ficiencies consequently driving significant competitive advantage. Secondly, it has used its scale for creating competitive advantage through best execution and investment in supply chain (Dorado, 2006, p.1). Globally the retailer has around 9000 number of suppliers which includes Nestle, P&G, Unilever and even Kraft. The company also exercises tremendous power and control over its suppliers. For negotiating with suppliers Walmart

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