Monday, August 12, 2019

Description of Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Description of Project Management - Essay Example The first step is for the team and customer to identify set of stories that exhibit the system functionalities that the end product should possess. In the next stage, the project team reads and discusses the stories obtained from the first stage and these stories are ordered according to the estimated duration of story implementation. Here big stories are disintegrated into small stories. There is always difficulty in estimating the effort required for a particular item. It is also difficult to estimate the time that the same may take. To solve this issue, several to-do things are availed so as one can easily make judgments regarding which stories are lengthy and time-consuming. A story may have two to eight points depending on its difficulty. This is done for all the stories in the list. However, the Gantt chart is simple and easy to use since it only includes the drawing and the painting of bars in different colors. Nicholas and Steyn (67) argue that the Gantt chart experiences delays which are especially true when multiple activities that require the same resources are scheduled for the same time. When resources are not sufficient to satisfy the needs of all of them, some activities must be delayed. There are uprising criticisms about the network methods because they incorporate assumptions and yield results that are unrealistic sometimes. The importance of networks is that they show precisely the interdependencies of the project's activities and also the scheduling affects the latter have on each other. I object this suggestion by Nicholas and Steyn (62) on the grounds that the resources are not always available. This, therefore, considers the scheduling of projects with resource constraints and the effects of these constraints on workload fluctuation and project duration. A

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