Wednesday, December 26, 2018

'The Twilight Saga 4: Breaking Dawn Acknowledgments\r'

'As always, an marine of thanks to;\r\nMy awesome family, for exclusively their outgo applaud and support.\r\nMy talented and hawt publicist, Elizabeth Eulberg, for creating STEPHENIE MEYER out of the unsanded clay that was once just a mousy Steph.\r\nThe whole team at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for five eld of enthusiasm, faith, support, and incredibly hard work.\r\nAll the frightful site creators and administrators in the Twilight Saga online fandom; you deal astound me with your coolness.\r\nMy brilliant, beautiful fans, with your unparalleled tidy taste in books, music, and movies, for continuing to love me more than I deserve.\r\nThe bookstores who have make this series a hit with their recommendations; all authors are indebted to you for your love of and passionateness for literature.\r\n The many bands and musicians that keep me motivated; did I mention M custom already? I did? Too bad.\r\nMuse, Muse, Muse…\r\nNew gratitude to:\r\nThe best band-that -never-was: Nic and the Jens, featuring Shelly C. (Nicole Driggs, Jennifer Hancock, Jennifer Longman, and Shelly Colvin). Thanks for taking me under your corporate wing, guys. I would be a close in without you.\r\nMy long-distance pals and fonts of sanity, Cool Meghan Hibbett and Kimberly â€Å"Shazzer” Suchy.\r\nMy peer support, Shannon Hale, for misgiving everything, and for feeding my love of zombie humor.\r\nMakenna Jewell Lewis for the use of her name, and her mother, Heather, for her support of the Arizona Ballet.\r\nThe new guys on my â€Å"writing inspiration” playlist: Interpol, enquiry City Soundtrack, and Spoon.\r\nThe phenomenon continues. . . .\r\nSTEPHENIE MEYER\r\n'

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