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Question: Discuss about theSWOT Analysis for Infosys Technologies for ICT Service. Answer: SWOT Analysis Organization:Infosys Technologies Date: 22/09/2017 Description ofcurrent/newICT service: Infosys has been offering Information technology services in the design and the delivery of the IT services to the business solution to the clients especially in the North America, Asian pacific region as well as in Europe. The company is offering customized strategy application to their clients business. The present task which Infosys continues to be associated with differs both in size as well as duration. They possess great deal of services from mainframe, mobile technologies as well as client-server. The major platform of technologies which the company uses are Linux and .Net (SWOT Analysis Infosys. 2013). Moreover, they also offer maintenance as well as the production support to their clients who utilizes their applications and the software. They uses proactive approach when it comes to provision of the wide software maintenance, through focusing on the long term functionality as well as the preventive maintenance in order to avoid future issues of the incomplete or perhaps short-term solutions( Technologies Limited Fundamental Company, 2014). Infosys has a significant presence when it comes to the provision of the user based IT services as well as applications to their clients who they represent globally. The company is using new and improved technological approach to be able to meet on the demands of the clients. STRENGTHS Infosys they have built positive image in regards to their offshore clients through offering quality services and innovations. The portfolio for the services for the organization is huge as they have international companies form gas, retail and even oil. Their main concern has been focused on innovation as they have invested more than one hundred million dollars to support innovative ideas such from cloud, big data and mobility. The organization has good presence as they have 4 billion dollars in hands and they have no debts. Additionally, they intend to make additionally acquisitions in the offshore countries such as Asia pacific and even Europe. The strength of the workers in the organization is huge as it has a total of more than one million workers, which have a strong presence in India and offshore delivery centers. WEAKNESSES The company has been having a major decline growth and margins. This has been observed in 2013 when they declined in growth from 37% to 41%. The company is lacks strong leadership. The CEO D. Shibulal was unable to meet the demands of the inventors. Infosys has been facing the crisis of pricing pressure and they are looking in lowering on the prices to the services they provide. They have intangible assets of two billion dollars in their balance sheet which seems to be not a good thing. The business has been affected greatly by the volatility of the income especially the Euro and Pound (SWOT Analysis Infosys.2013) OPPORTUNITIES The company can utilize on the emerging technology such as cloud and the big data. They have an important opportunity when it comes to the product segment as their totals in their book is more than six hundred million dollars in the sector. They want to undertake strategic acquisitions for the development of the organization. THREATS The fall in the global economy has impacted the business of the company to a great deal. The company has decreased on their pricing because of the stiff competition from their rivals. There has been a major concern when it comes to vendor consolidation. Summary and Recommendations: SWOT results shows that Infosys is the 3rd Largest IT development company in India which has a global presence when it comes to the international market and having some of the big international customers. The results also shows that if the organization follows the requirements stipulated by the clients, they would be able to increase on their presence as the international information technology providers of services. The result also shows that they have encountered major fall in the shares after the breakdown in the global economy in the year 2010. Moreover, the company has invested in new technologies to be able to increase on their IT services. Short Term (Now) For the organization to ensure that their application are working properly they need to ensure that the clients satisfaction, they could achieve this through extensive software life cycle as well as new technologies. Mid Term (next 12 months) To achieve this they could hire fresher workers for the organization to be able to increase on the working potential aspects of the company. In India they produce more than five million engineers in a single year and organization such as Infosys could get easily good strengths of workers. Long Term (next 3 to 5 years) The organization can utilize new and innovative technologies such as the cloud computing which could increase on the potential to provide information technology services. They could achieve this by offering a user interface to be able to interact with the communication between the customer and the workers and establish on a central system which is more connected to the other servers of the company globally. In the event they utilize the cloud computing, they do not need to establish an office at the site of the client and they would be able to demonstrate on their software at an instant point. References Infosys Talk. (n.d.). Retrieved September 22, 2017, from Infosys Technologies Limited Fundamental Company. (2014). Retrieved September 22, 2017, from SWOT Analysis Infosys. (n.d.). Retrieved September 22, 2017, from

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