Monday, October 7, 2019

Short answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Short answers - Essay Example Large number of missionaries went abroad. Politics: Public had been constantly supporting several things which included Cuban Rebels and working against Spain. 2. Briefly discuss the major problems of American society that concerned the social justice progressives and explain how they tried to confront these issues. Also, what was the one thing that the Progressives lacked in their vision? Answer: The problems of the American Society which had concerned the progressives were the distribution of wealth and racism. When the American economy was transforming from agrarian society to urban society, the natives were at the top being rich while all the poor people were at the bottom including dark skinned people. The progressives had taken the responsibility to improve the society and remove all the vices which had been embodied in the society due to freedom of expression of the American economy. The progressives addressed the issues of prostitution, Alcohol, abortion and child labor, howe ver, they ignored basic issues which caused more trouble namely finance problems, foreign policy and racism. Progressives ignored the issues regarding the country and showed interest in societal problem due to which other parties became upper hand, due to which, the progressives failed. Progressives lacked vision. 3. Discuss the reasons the United States government announced a policy of neutrality at the outbreak of the war in Europe in 1914, as well as the difficulties the U.S. had in maintaining such a policy prior to its entry into the war in 1917. What do you think the outcome of the Great War would have been if the U.S. did not get involved? Answer: US remained impartial during WWI, primarily, due to the impartiality policy which had been adopted by the US against the Europeans. US had a strong European Market due to which it did not participate in the European War. US adopted the policy mainly because of the business markets it had established over there. The main objective wa s to keep the business going with Europe, since; it included a great deal of money. However, Germany and UK created troubles which had resulted in lost cargo and blockades of ships as well as several ships being damaged. Thus, when violence increased against the American Trade, America stepped into war and joined with the Allies. US would have remained neutral if there was no trade policy, nevertheless, the Germans started blocking and British men also blocked the German supplies in retaliation which affected US trade negatively. This is when the US decided to step in. 4. Why do you feel the New Deal was or was not successful in solving the problems of the Great Depression? Answer: The New Deal was not able to meet the objectives of freeing the country from unemployment and restoring the economic strength. The New Deal only had short term effects and was not sustainable. America got out of economic Trouble from WWII and the New Deal only helped in gaining momentum, however, the New Deal was a short term approach towards problem solving, moreover, there was no Long term planning involved in correcting the issues related to financial sector of the economy. New Deal helped in reviving the economy and production, as a result, consumption increased.

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