Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Muddy lake essays

Muddy lake essays I am a scientist specialized in aquatic pollution, I would like to explain some basic facts concerning the case of the muddy lake. The issue of this case is to know if the engineer-contractor is responsible for the turbid water of the lake. Before answering the question, we have to know all the elements of the case. The question is why we have turbid water after expensive work done by professional, is it the company fault or is it another factor. The community hired scientific consultants to make some quick tests of the water and they determined that the year round-turbidity was due to fine clay particles, which came from an abandoned factory. There were almost no algae and the problem was due to a great amount of suspended mineral particles. It wasnt a biological problem. On this base, the community engaged an excellent and expensive engineering contracting firm in order to stop the run off of the clay into the lake. They did their work, and the lake was not turbid until the next spring. During all the summer the water was turbid, reaching a peak by early summer. Although the lake water seemed to clear up over the winter and early spring of the following year, the turbid water was back again by mid-spring. The community blamed the engineering firm of having done a bad work. The engineering firm claims that it wasnt their fault. What is the truth? How can we explain that the water became turbid again? This problem can easily be explained scientifically. The high concentration of clay particles suspended in the water makes the water very turbid. These particles scatter and absorb light, and then the light cannot penetrate into the water. In a very high turbid lake, the biological activity is very limited due to the lack of light. When the light is completely scattered and absorbed by the particles at the surface, there is a very weak primary production and poor b ...

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