Saturday, October 5, 2019

Evaluation of TV show or movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evaluation of TV show or movie - Essay Example But as the new episodes are aired, the personalities which we have assigned to each characters seems to be invalid when different mishaps at the firm arisesand the characters are on an emotional roller coaster ride, revealing their true selves to the audience. Although on the surface, the serial outlines the show having uncaring and unemotional characters but involvement of one young and sympathetic associate attorney have them questioning their ways, bringing out their uncertainty and feelings and evoking their allegiance which makes all the ladies in the audience gush out â€Å"Oh my God, Harvey is such a darling!†. Hence, Suits depicts faithfulness, trust and loyalty as a medium to achieve a feat and not only competence. Played by a skilled actor Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter is a self-centered and unemotional man whose main concern is winning for which he can do anything, but as we approach season two we see that to keep his associate, Mike Ross - who does not clear the eligibility of the job, in the firm he goes to great length by threatening to leave his job if the kid got fired, which illustrated the care he had for his associate. Moreover, in the mid of the same seasonin a critical situation where Harvey is to be disbarred on the accusation by his enemy for burying evidences, he teams up with the firm’s former managing director Daniel Hardman (who again gets involved in the firm after his wife died), whom he regard as an enemy, rather than voting for Jessica’s decision of going to a trial because that would jeopardize everyone in the firm, showing his loyalty and commitment to the organization. Similarly, in the same manner it is revealed in the upcoming season that being in compa ny of his associate; Harvey is starting to value those things, which initially were nuisance to him. Moving to the female leading character, Jessica Pearson is a hard woman who will go to any length to keep her surname on the wall of the firm

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