Friday, October 18, 2019

Aboriginal history in north america-the circle of life with mention of Essay

Aboriginal history in north america-the circle of life with mention of the medicine wheel - Essay Example There were numerous ways in which the circle of life is interpreted, all of which illustrate the need for harmonious existence with others and nature. The medicine wheel is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy, through which one can visualize surrounding events, which allowed the Aboriginals to be in harmony with the self and nature by creating notions of new life and renewal (Liebmann 69). The circle illustrates continuity of nature and in human beings, while the four points bear different meanings, for instance, nature’s four elements that are: fire, earth, air and water are all part of the same physical world and should be respected (The Sacred Foundation of Aboriginal Education 5). In addition, it is indicative of human development stages as well as the human potentialities, which include mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The circle of life also teaches that the symbolic races are part of the same human family, and should live in harmony as brothers and sisters. In this regard, as the Europeans explored the new territory, they would be compelled to respect nature and other races present before them. Thus, the Aboriginal people continued with their beliefs regardless of the prevailing new influence and culture (Bramadat and Seljak 266). Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cultural & Spiritual Values The Sacred Foundation of Aboriginal Education 2012, Sustaining our Ways: Educating for Sustainability. 2012. Web. 9 Oct. 2012.

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