Thursday, September 26, 2019

Interior Design Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Interior Design - Research Proposal Example Introduction Environment Design is basically a learning milieu where design graduates are encouraged to use their innovative and inventive talent in the management and marketing of design in order to pursue their careers in the design industry. â€Å"Lighting is a science and an art†, assert Steffy (2002:1). There have been numerous developments in lighting design recently which make it an interesting topic of research. Professional lighting designers are required today since they are being offered various job opportunities in the lighting industry. There are a number of lighting design consultancies which are offering outstanding lighting schemes to its consumers and organizations like landmark hotels, restaurants, shopping spas, exhibitions, yachts, house gardens, etc. Steffy (2002:1) affirms that nearly $10 billion worth lighting hardware is sold in the United States every year. The research will focus on questions like: How rapid has the lighting design industry flourished during the last decade? Which areas of lighting design are more in demand? What particular kinds of designs are more in demand from consumers’ perspectives? What benefits has it offered to different international lighting design companies? Is the trend increasing, decreasing or is consistent? What are the hard and soft issues that arise in different lighting fields such as in interiors, exhibitions, theatre, and garden projects? What are the costs? How does lighting weigh on the companies’ budget? These issues have inspired me to conduct a research about lighting design in today’s design industry. Literature Review Sources. Some sources that are going to be helpful in the research are: Karlen, M, & Benya, J 2004, Lighting Design Basics, illustrated edn., John Wiley and sons, USA. (This book is helpful in understanding the basic science that is involved in lighting design. It is a good study guide for beginners helping them understand through concise and visual lesson format.) Tregenza, P, & Loe, D, The Design of Lighting, illustrated edn., Taylor & Francis, USA. (This book has been written for practicing designers and thus will be a helpful guide in understand what issues practicing lighting designer face. Technicalities regarding lighting and color theories and other concepts have been discussed in detail.) Past Research Papers. Some past research that will be helpful is: Dorsey, J, Arvo, J, & Greenberg, D 1995, ‘Interactive design of complex time dependent lighting’, Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 15, no, 2, pp. 26-36. (Researchers conducted a research about lighting design in theatrical productions. They have discussed some specific techniques that help in lighting regardless of complexities of scene and design. This research will prove helpful in understanding lighting concepts in theatres.) Shacked, R, & Lischinski, D 2002, ‘Automatic lighting design using a perceptual quality metric’, Computer Gra phics Forum, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 215-227. (This presents a new approach for the rendering of 3D objects. This approach serves as an effective lighting design tool. This research will prove to be helpful in understanding lighting design tools and their working.) Methodology I plan to visit different lighting design companies to locate answers to my research questions. I plan to conduct structured personal

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