Monday, September 23, 2019

Globalization Impact on Public Administration Essay

Globalization Impact on Public Administration - Essay Example Globalization is referred to the phenomenon of converting the local markets into global markets. More specifically, it can also be explained as an initiative to encourage the domestic business players to emerge with the outlook of a global competitor (Globalization-Bowne Global Translation, 2011). It is in this context that globalization has played an effective role to speed up the significance of democracy in public administrations. Democracy, in turn, strongly influenced sociable relations between different nations leading towards a positive impact of globalization on the public administrations practices. It is worth mentioning that implementing democracy to ensure legitimate governance in public services is highly essential in this context. Currently, the public officials are concentrating on the implementation of the democratic governance in their respective administrations which enhances the role of democracy in the system. Thus, because of the interdependent relationship existi ng between public administration and democracy, it is quite likely that the practices of this concept will differ from one nation to the other on the basis of the democratic divergences (Gonzalez, 2004). For instance, public administration practices of United States of America have been claimed as different from that of other countries. According to the experts, the private sectors in US follow a modified and reframed law, sophisticated organizational theory, effective political science and economic implications. It is because of these factors that the public administration in US is quite different from other nations (Riggs, 2000). The public administration of US also possesses certain distinctive features. Among these the most significant feature is that the public administration practices consider a veil between the politics and their administration in order to create and ensure effective and clean governance. In US, the public officials do not allow the political issues to affect the internal atmosphere of the organization; whereas, the tendency differs in certain other nations which may include both developed and developing countries. This significantly assists the public organizations in US to achieve its goal with limited political influence and other similar hurdles. Thus, the US public officials can be observed to approach with an inductive thinking for the betterment of the system (Sezen, 2000). Globalization plays a key role in framing legal constraints and also tends to direct legal practices and modifications in the existing forms through restructuring and expansion. Furthermore, the functions of national legislation have been observed to decline. Simultaneously, the international commercial arbitration centers earned increasing importance after the elimination of transnational commercial disputes. These were the effects of the legal restraints over globalization. Moreover, these effects took place due to the increasing importance of privatization in the jurisdiction of the US. These effects are measured on the basis of increase in the number of commercial arbitration centers. On the contrary, the US practiced a unique jurisdiction for public administration. This in turn diminished the dependency of public administrations on the administrative laws and thus the role played by these laws was also altered (Sezen, 2000). In the similar context, public officials tend to be highly influenced by the cultural bases which again are reflected in their public administra

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