Sunday, September 1, 2019

Constructivist Approach to Grammer Teaching

? A ‘’Constructivist Approach’’ in grammar teaching helps inexperienced teachers understand the learning and teaching of aspect,a core grammatical concept. ?   The Constructivists’ approach to grammar involves teaching grammar in context. This simply means that grammar is taught using the students’ own writing as models. ? The constructivists’ approach helps students understand that evaluating grammar in their writing is a part of the revision process. Instructors using the constructivist’s approach teach grammar using one or a combination of the following methods: Mini-lessons Grammar journals One-on-one conferences Peer group activities MINI-LESSONS ? Mini-lessons are â€Å"teaching moments† inspired by student work. They are designed to be brief . (5-10 minutes) ? They address student writing needs in context as they arise. This technique provides students with additional opportunities to discuss their own writing as well as the writing of their peers. GRAMMaR JOURNALS ? A Grammar Journal is a notebook in which students keep records of sentences they have written that contain grammatical errors. ? Sentences are obtained from student work submitted to instructors. (Teachers can guide students to these errors without correcting them by placing a dot in the margin where the error occurs. ) After identifying the errors themselves, students then copy problematic sentences in their journals and rewrite the sentences, making alternative stylistic choices to improve each sentence. ? To take full advantage of their choices, students can rewrite their improved sentences several different ways. ? Students who do not have significant grammar problems can use the Grammar Journals to recognize their range of stylistic choices. ONE-ON-ONE CONFERENCES ? During one-on-one conferences, instructors may require students to bring their Grammar Journals They discuss some of the editing choices they have made in their editing journals and to monitor students’ progress in identifying and correcting grammatical errors identified as problematic in their work. ? PEER GROUPSMini-lessons can often be used as a group activity. ? The group activity provides students with the opportunity to â€Å"talk out† the rationale for the grammatical choices they have made. ? . This strategy is successful because students engage in dialogue with their peers about their writing ? This approach reinforces the concept of learning communities.

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