Sunday, August 25, 2019

Reflection on the movie the guardian 2006 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reflection on the movie the guardian 2006 - Essay Example During training, Jake encounters Emily Thomas, a local school teacher (Stephen 2010). They develop a casual relationship since both of them believe that the time they have together is limited. After the end of the initial training period, thorough instruction commences at the academy. Jake arrives to class late after spending at Emily’s house (Stephen 2010). He is confronted by Ben. In as much as he is not expelled, Jake as well as the entire team gets punished for his lateness. Initially, Ben strives to compel Jake to leave. He later realizes that Jake is not only dedicated but also persistent. Jake meets Emily in a bar and narrates to her about how he beat the records for his instructor, Ben. An old friend of Ben named Maggie who works as a barkeep, however, informs Jake about the unbreakable records set by Ben at a ship fire rescue, where he tirelessly worked and saved the entire victims (Stephen 2010). Ben was able to save the only man left by holding him by the fingertips all through the entire flight. While landing, Ben extensively injured his shoulder and hand. Charlie Hodge, a friend to Jake, is not able to cope during instruction, with frightened victims in the water. He is also frightened of failing school. As a result, Jake decides to cheer him up by taking him out to relax while having a drink. While at navy bar, they take part in a fight and later end up in jail. Jake later comes back bandaged and base beaten (Stephen 2010). Despite all these, he takes the entire blame. Jake is confronted by Ben who is interested in knowing the reason for him leaving his forecast as an aggressive swimmer and narrates to him about all that he learned about Jake’s past. Ben learned that Jake, who was a designated driver on a night out, got involved in an accident that made him lose his relay team in high school (Stephen 2010). They therefore realize that they share a common ground of being the only survivors. Later, Jake is assigned

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