Friday, August 23, 2019

A critical evaluation of contemporary leadership skills required for a Essay

A critical evaluation of contemporary leadership skills required for a large multi-department organisation. 2,000 words - Essay Example ddition, this assignment determines several leadership skills that are implemented by contemporary leaders to overcome different contemporary issues in this world. Moreover, this essay recommends some effective leadership skills that are required for leaders in order to overcome several contemporary issues in this current business environment. Finally, the study concludes by summarizing the major discussions that are discussed in this essay. Several leading organizations in this world are trying to capitalize on potential business opportunities in order to enhance their business growth rates. It is true that human resource department can be considered as an important department in multi-department organizations (Parris and Peachey, 2012). Global business environment is becoming highly competitive as several leading organizations within a particular industry are trying to develop and implement unique strategies in the business operation process in order to gain potential competitive advantages (Hirschhorn and Gilmore, 1992). First, it is important for a leader to consider the environmental context in the business environment in order to be a successful (House and Aditya, 2009). Intense market competition and market saturation are influencing some organizations to adopt and implement several unique strategies in their business operation processes in order to overcome contemporary business issues (Avolio, Walumba and Weber, 2009). An effective leader needs to consider the business as well as workplace environment in order to meet the company’s goals and objectives. It is difficult for a leader in a multi-department organization to control such a large team (Kelley, 1998). Therefore, it is important for the leaders must develop effective relationships with the employees and top level management of the organization (Meindin, 1995). In addition to this, leaders should enhance effective communication between the employees of several different departments in order to

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