Thursday, July 25, 2019

Causes of back injuries and methods of its preventing Essay

Causes of back injuries and methods of its preventing - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the significance of the impact of safe lifting has turned out to be not generally acknowledged in the globe. Many reasons have been explained in relation to work area safety. In this paper, we discuss a variable that has not been given the attention it deserves in the argument about safe lifting and health in places of work. The case of escalating back injuries has for the most part been overlooked in contingency plans by business organization. Many organizations with low levels of employee safety and health ultimately find themselves in a situation we call a â€Å"safety trap.† This state of affairs concerns both the employees and the employers. High levels of back injuries and poor lifting methods bring about higher rates of insurance premiums. If the premium rates are high, it is both the employers and employees who suffer in the long term. The employer suffers in that they are forced to incur extra costs by paying the high r ates for insurance premiums while the employees suffer in that they sometimes suffer negative life changing injuries which end up decapitating them for the rest of their lives. At present, the total cost of premiums being paid out by the business sums up to a massive $78,000. At the implementation of the project, we hope to reduce this by a whopping 70% and if possible wipe out the issue of high premiums being paid out. A sharp increase has been detected in back strain injuries and days lost due to these injuries which has also seen an increase in insurance premium costs. JIM’S CLEANING will make sure that probable back injury risk factors in its amenities are evaluated and restricted. This regular practice order is planned to tackle broadly the issues of; Evaluating back injury concerns, evaluating engineering measures, job practices, organizational measures, and

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