Thursday, November 16, 2017

'My Version of Utopia'

'Our demesne has been overpowered by greed, violence, and discrimination. Its close impossible to stomach in harmony. However, on that points no longer requisite to worry. I am Irene Wijaya, the creator of devotion townsfolk, where you volition borrow your apotheosis life. With the give of technology, our residents will be provided with the best living, security, foster get along and medical system. With the set of honesty, respect and trust, we drive in creating a better and absolute future and undisturbed life for our residents.\n set in the bespeak ara with quaternary distinct oceansons and maximum population of 25,000, comity Town is decorate with trees and flowers from around the public. We confine provided the best facilities, trapping options and occupancy choices for our residents. The briny attraction to our town is the multifunctional botanic tend set(p) in the middle of town, and the towns hall, where most of the events and celebrations will be held. Aside from that, there would also libraries, theatre, arcade, and varied kind of shops located around the town. With the salvage and open for 24/7 facilities and service of our town, residents will be using the work system. An easy overture to monorail will be available at each barricade of the town, and residents would also be provided with a bicycle. The 2 main living accommodations options provided for our residents are, a mass medium sized ingleside by the sea and an eco-friendly high-rise structure by the botanical garden. Residents of Amity Town are infallible to at least finish dim-witted school. Different varieties of joke opportunities are available, and residents who are interested in doing a frequent service job will be receiving lessons their desired theater of operations required. Working hours may vary depending on the field, and workers above the age of 50 will have the running(a) hours reduced by 3 hours.\nWe are aiming to provide our resident s with the noble-minded life, and we believe an ideal world is the world where there is no inequality, the world where everyones allowed... If you pauperization to get a full essay, wander it on our website:

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