Thursday, December 5, 2013

Joyce Carol Owens - Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

Bob Dylan s Influence in Joyce Carol Oates Where be You passing game ? Where Have You Been A Literature AnalysisJoyce Carol Oates attributes the innovation of Where atomic number 18 You Going Where Have You Been to Bob Dylan s It s any Over right away , Baby Blue and the condition she read about a killer in the American Southwest she also considered the legends and phratry var.s connected with the subject of stopping point and the Maiden when creating this story (Latta 1 Oates was well known for composing about the spiritual , intimate , and intellectual decline of youthful American society writing about such issues as suicide , rape and collide with (eNotes .com , sect .2 . Oates was also fire in exploring the various aspects of adolescence through with(predicate) her writing (Schwartz , 1 . Critics po p widely argued over the influences of Where be You Going ? Where Have You Been and the reliable identity of Arnold booster dose . secondary attention has been given up to the music incorporated into the story and the manifest similarities of the antagonist , Arnold flair to legendary singer , Bob Dylan . This turn up allow for explore Bob Dylan s musical influence on Where ar You Going ? Where Have You Been by interpreting the song , It s all in all Over Now , Baby Blue and the similarities surrounded by the two as well as identifying physical diagnostic similarities between Dylan and FriendOates dedicated this story to Bob Dylan which gives interpreters of this story middling cause to assume Dylan s music during the 1960s greatly influenced the characters and scenes of Where ar You Going ? Where Have You Been Critics however do not halt as to who Arnold Friend represents . Most critics feel that Arnold represents the d damned and evil such as Joyce Weg s and Marie Urbanski who argue that Arnold ! is evil and his outwards appearance represents the devil . Some critics however feel that Arnold represents a spectral or cultural savior (Jordan . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It is unrealistic to mean that Arnold Friend is any savior such as mike threesome and John Michael Crafton suggest in Connie s Tambourine human : A newfound Reading of Arnold Friend (Jordan . It seems most likely that Arnold is a creation of Oates which had the appearance of Bob Dylan because she was inspired by him which some(prenominal) critics have already notedAnother argument made by a downhearted portion of critics is that Arnold didn t really exist but was rather a figment of Connie s imagination such as McConnell states in Connie s Tambourine Man : A New Reading of Arnold Friend where he writes , Connie is the framer , the story creator - and the diabolic traces in her fiction cow her not because they are the manifestations of an outside evil but because they are the symbolical extrapolations of her own psyche (1 . There is no reasonableness to think that Connie , a fifteen year old female child would conceive of such a threatening older individual . When Connie daydreams , she thinks of the caresses of adore and boys such as the one she met the night sooner Arnold Friend showed...If you want to get a full essay, severalise it on our website:

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