Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gollum and the Ring

Gollum and the dance orchestra That dirty Baggins, he stole my ring he did. I hates itss. We pull up stakes steal the ring back, yes! Yes! I Golllluuumm will becharm my cutes back from that filthy Baggins pocketses. Ss,ss,sss. Its exploit ring it is. My father gaves it to mes on my birthday. He said to never loses its! I haves disgraced my father. My ringses is hopeful as the suns. The twinkling engravement, inlayed in gold. That foul smelling hobbit will regret the day he stole from Golluumm. I wills this instant tell the tales of my preciouss, precioussss ringses! At firsts I had went on my boat to the undermine of Ezerad, to taalks to Drosth, an old friends of mine. Do you spang where my ringses could be? I questi mavend. No, I am deeply condemnable about your trouble simply I can non help you kid sir. Explained drosth. convey you anyways I stated. I hence wandered over to the mountains of Draston, alongside Mirkwood. in that respect. There wasses a long -stalked slender, middle aged black haird man, with two steelsess and a dagger. What argon yee doing in me cave? If you cross my border, my sword will be tastin yer blood! expressed the man. yy,yy..yyyes sir! I mumbled. I soon ran farthermost away. It wases very twilitses. So dark I could not depend my own hand in precedent of my face. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I stop up in a woodwind of very creepy trees, infested with batses and spiders. I wasnt scared, for I was Gollluumm. Yes! Gollluumm. I am a dangerous ones a scary ones with smarmy skin and faint skin and colorless skin. Suddenly, a coarse crowd of unhinged rabid squirrel ls sprang out and attacked meeess. Theys bit! away my left ears! I foughts them off one by one by oneses. We will bite off yours right ears close time you obtrude! screamed one of the squirrels. Of course I morose around and walked aways. I was beaten and bruised, but I need to find my precious no matter what! For I am Gollum. Me with my scents like musty perfumes. There, in front of me, there wases a huge dark tree with a man in front of its. argon you lost my sir? Can I help...If you pauperization to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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