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The Battle of Waterloo was a watershed in more shipway than one; it marked the end of an era in European history by ending the rule of Napoleon, but to a fault marked the last time that mass armies would happen on a European fightingfield armed primarily with embarrass loading muskets and artillery. The end of the Napoleonic wars ushered in an era of quietude in Europe, which would not be significantly broken until the Franco-Prussian war. The hint of the struggle cant be underestimated as the break victory preserved monarchism in Europe until the end of gentleman War I. The Duke of Wellington said it best when describing the British-Allied victory at Waterloo when he said a damned nice thing, the next run thing you ever saw in your notation[1]. That sentiment perfectly describes how close Napoleon came to acquirening at Waterloo, and if he had, the map of Europe would look very glacial today. There are many reasons why Wellington win the battle, but t he two most critical in his net success were the sidefast defenses of two critical pieces of the terrain on that battle field. These two places are the Chateau of Hougemont and the Farm of La Haye Saint. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They both capriole similar yet critical roles in the British success, Hougemont match the Right flank of the entire British line and La Haye Saint sat right in the middle of the battlefield. though La Haye Saint fell towards the end of the day, it had already litigate its crucial role by that time. The role of these two locations cannot be goody appreciated without an understanding of the terrain on t he battlefield and their stead on that terr! ain. The Battlefield of Waterloo is situated in a swelled valley that runs most two miles east to west and is approximately one mile from north to south on the westbound side of the valley; two miniature valleys submit outlets to the north and south, the one on the south dead person ends after a few hundred yards. However, the northern valleys win a route that leads around...If you want to get a wide essay, order it on our website:

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