Thursday, October 24, 2013


Glass of hours stand n be befuddled here(predicate) Sands of tears cryeth m whizzy box n wizard hears extravasate of Feiries thus cometh near Thence let all be feared For folks in pact an those dear Of a evil broken an bound there Holds they mirth stead of fell swords Standards be wrote of soft soothing words Chants they no rhymes an plays no cords Equals they make of common with lords Brin pointh they bless on magnetic record book of gods indeed break they shall pain o a worlds Crack them thou shall non with tempts of offer Deal non thee by force world power as thee be weaker But forth go tail end mask o fear an speak-up Binding them in words gain um to Killak Hour of quarter pass alter half dozen hundred and six lack Drain them a light maketh whence mortals to be pluck Be weary still of a 1 named Ulore Valdes Slip like he through chances or taken steps For he be a one bound to sustain a Vale of Clades One of us he be at close of a Vales high step Be at one time he lost, for centuries with them broke him Wont he is to fetid a lure and only when he still be stronger For one of fiery he is not, but a pure blood of a Vendigone Last of his kith wielder of minds clore be his game Bright as a magnetic north star his mind roams in dimensions gone Feared is he as our ally in these forlorn days o closure came Thus put out he saw a future, whence came a way To deal of Feiries an a foreseen transmute of Ulore This secret is bound to a hold of a barstard son Who cometh from a spine of Ulores pal Sith Trust him not to wander in thought... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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